Witch and Warlock Names

Witch and warlock names are an important initiation in becoming a witch. Some would argue that the witch does not choose the name instead the name chooses the witch. The name that a witch or warlock chooses is the label they will wear when they contact the spirit world, cast spells and engage with other witches/warlocks. The moniker holds tremendous power over their ability to succeed with the spirit realm. The wrong name could deplete their power in these areas.

There are two common ways to choose a witch or warlock name. The first one is an exercise in numerology and it is the numerical total that determines the witches or warlocks name. A number represents all of the letters of the alphabet. A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on. The letters of the birth name of an individual are added together. Karen would be K=2, A=1, R=9, E=5, N=5. Add this number to arrive at the sum of 22. 2 + 2 = 4. Karen’s name equals the number 4, so for a solid witch name she would choose one that adds up to the number 4. Examples of names for the number 4 are Gabriella, Vesta, Willow, and Abra. For a male name of John. J=1, O=6, H=8, N=5. John’s number is 2. Examples of names for the number 2 are Conan, Innis, Forrest, and Reuben.

The second way a witch or warlock may choose their name is from a list of names. Included in the list are the definition and sometimes the name origin. The soon to be witch or warlock matches the characteristics associated with the names on the list to match their personal power. Dependence on the birth name is not needed when choosing a name from the list.

Some common traditional witch names are: Circe from the Greek word Kirke was the witch who turned Odysseus men into swine. Hecate from the Greek word Hikate is a witch that represents the underworld/outer world. Nimue from the Greek word Mneme was the witch from the Legend of King Arthur remembered as the Lady from the Lake. Meba from the Gaelic word Mebh means a witch that is intoxicating. Fuamnach means jealous in Gaelic.

Traditional Warlock names are taken from names originating from the Nordic region. Asgear means spear of God. Einar means lone warrior. Eirik means strong leader. Kari means tremendous wind. Thorstein means Thor’s stone. Roscoe means deer from the wood.

It is common practice for contemporary witches to create a name from a more traditional spelling. The name Sarah is a traditional witch name. Common spellings are Sarrah, Saura, Cearra. The name Winter is Wynter, Weinter, and Weenter. The warlock name of Edward would be Edvard, Eddward, Edwaard or Eddwurd. These unique spellings are unique to the individual and their inner power comes from this uniqueness. The witch or warlock chooses a traditional or common name then they dwell on the name and their unique individual name will call to them. That will be their new witch or warlock name.

The choosing of a witch or warlock name is a serious ritual upon initiation into the world of the witch, whether that name is chosen from a list or a numerological determination.

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