Stonehenge is a series of manmade rock formations located in Wiltshire, England, which dates back to 2500 BC. During the centuries, Stonehenge has cultivated diverse symbolisms and meanings. Since it’s discovery, its purpose has been a mystery.

The blueprint of Stonehenge is circular. Pillars of stone align the circle with an opening for entering/exiting. The pillars measure 6 ½ feet tall and approximately 4 feet wide and 2 feet thick. Each stone weighs approximately four tons. A ridge of stones (some are missing) lined the top of the pillars to form a continuous circle. The ever present question without a definitive answer is how did prehistoric man carve four ton rocks, align them in a significant order without the use of modern tools? Numerous theories have been proposed ranging from help from extraterrestrials, divine intervention or initiative and drive from a team of men. An agreed upon theory is that for whatever reason it was erected and it has been built upon through the ages.

The earliest rendition of Stonehenge was produced after 8000 BC. Archeologists have dated four of the megalith stones to that era and they still exist in the rock formation. These stones are considered pre-Stonehenge.

The existence of Stonehenge is steeped in Folklore. The earliest tale surrounding the presence of Stonehenge is the Sunday Stone or Friars Heel. Legend says that the devil swore that the stones he carried from Ireland would remain a mystery. A Friar sparred with the devil; the devil threw one of the stones and it hit the Friar’s heel. The stone fell to the ground, became imbedded and remains until this day.

Arthurian legend states that Merlin ordered the rocks be removed from Ireland. These large stones were holy and had the power to heal. They were directly descended from African giants. The rocks were assembled along the Salisbury plain as a dedication to the nobles that were killed in the battle of the Saxons. Arthurian legend refers to it as the Giant’s Ring.

Wiccas (druids and other neo pagans) use Stonehenge as a sacred meeting ground. The summer festival during the equinox is observed within it’s confines. Wiccas believe Stonehenge was erected as a spiritual symbol and will bring them closer to the goddess/god.

Currently, Stonehenge is a popular tourist attraction. Regardless of the spiritual beliefs of the visitors, the construction/formation of the stones, built by an ancient culture continue to astound and intrigue. The mystery of these stone formations inspire many a discussion among travelers.

Contemporary archeologists now believe it was used as a burial ground from the beginning. They believe that the circular formation of the stones lends supporting evidence of an ancient crematorium. The earliest dated remains date to 3000 BC the “official” start date of the formation.

Whether it was used as a burial ground, the fight between good and evil, a celebratory meeting ground or a popular tourist attraction, the fact remains: Stonehenge’s purpose has never been definitive and it’s existence continues to raise more questions than answers.

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