Real Levitation Spells

Real levitation spells are used to lift physical objects without the use of a physical force. The will of the mind with the support of the spirit world causes physical objects to no longer follow gravity.

Levitation spells fall under two categories, a physical object may be levitated or the castor my wish to levitate. Within the two categories, two approaches are used. One, the castor uses their wind energy (this is located in the magnetic field that surrounds all living things or they manipulate the wind energy around the object. Real levitation spells are not for the beginner.

Serious practitioners of the meditative studies successfully cast these spells and years of practice are needed. The beginner should strive toward casting real levitation spells, this allows the beginner a greater understanding of the discipline, knowledge of the study and complete faith that is needed to cast real levitation spells. In all levitation spells pre-casting preparations are needed.

Daily fasting, prayer, deep meditation, and spiritual cleansing assure the individual is spiritually ready to cast a levitation spell. The number of days of the fast is determined by the spirits. The castor will listen to the messages received and they will be told when it’s the right time to cast the levitation spell. Total, unquestioning faith in the power of the spiritual realm to assist in levitation is required before an object will levitate.

These general guidelines are used for object or person levitation spells. Gather four yellow candles, four purple candles, one white candle, a white feather, essential oils, and incense. The type of oil and incense are personal choices. When the practitioner has reached the spiritual level to cast a levitation spell, they will intuit what oils and incense their spirit needs.

Place the essential oils in a medicine bag and wear it during the fasting cycle. It is critical to cast the levitation spell in a sacred space. Clean the space spiritually as many days as is required to fast. The levitation spell is the most advanced of all spells and the setting needs to reflect the purest possible arena.

Light the candles in bunches, keep the four yellow together and keep the four purple candles together, light the white candle apart from the two bunches of candles. Light the incense.

To make a physical object or a body levitate with the use of the body’s energy field the individual will sit in the center of the sacred space. Hold the feather lightly clasped in the palm of the weaker hand. They will call on the spirits. The individual will focus their spiritual energy on the field that surrounds them imagining it surrounding the object that is set for levitation. When the time is come to levitate, the individual opens the palm of their hand, blows the feather into the air and returns their focus to the object. Levitation of the object then occurs.

To make a physical object or body levitate by the wind energy that surrounds the object the initial techniques are the same, but the difference lies in the focus. The individual will focus on the spiritual energy that surrounds the object. The force will be to cause that energy to surround the object and lift it.

If a real levitation spell is cast and levitation does not occur, do not be discouraged, practice then try again.

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