Prove Wicca Wrong?

To prove that Wicca is wrong is easy to do. Completely disregard their doctrine, traditions, and rituals and place unfounded beliefs associated with wiccans. Beliefs such as;

“Wiccans worship Satan.”

“All Wiccans are evil.”

“Wicca is not a religion it is an excuse to engage in orgies.”

While none of these statements are grounded in fact, many people use these arguments to try to assert that Wicca is wrong.

The first misconception is that wiccans worship Satan. Wiccans revere the most holy pure elements of life, the positive forces of wind, rain, fire and earth. Wicanns receive their Godforce from the nature that surrounds them absorbing beautiful sunsets, moonrises, snowstorms, or the subtle movements of a blade of grass in the breeze. All of these natural elements release their spiritual energy into the Wicca worshiper. The concept that Satan is involved in their spirituality is contradictory to their doctrine of receiving divinity from nature.

The second misconception is the belief that Wicca is an excuse to engage in orgies. Wicca is not a centralized doctrine of religion. Most Wiccans are solitary in their journey to oneness with God. They devise unique rituals, prayers and habits that help create their individual spiritual growth. Wiccans do occasionally gather in groups to celebrate their religious holidays. On occasion they have gatherings that are social in nature, but the core of the Wicca religion is an individual’s journey toward God.

The third misconception in proving Wicca is wrong is the belief that all wiccans are evil. Evil does not discriminate – it is found across all religious borders. The Wicca religion espouses kindness, compassion, and an understanding that all life is interconnected. Their credo is harm none, blessed be, what you sow comes back in three. If a Wicca were to promote an evil action, then by their own credo whatever they wished upon another would return to them threefold.

Wicca is a pagan religion and from a Judeo Christian doctrine this proves Wicca is wrong. Talismans, herbs, amulets, candles and incense are some examples of tools a Wicca uses to get closer to the natural forces of God. Not all Wicca’s use the same tools. Some might use candles only, or a combination of candles and incense. The use is dependent on what it takes to get the worshiper in the right frame of mind to receive their blessings from God.

Another example is that it has become popular to refer to the Godforce as goddess. The belief that there are feminine and male forces in the spiritual realm, while this is a popular interpretation, in its purest form the Godforce is without boundaries. The Godforce is neither male nor female and yet it is both. If a worshiper chooses to call upon a goddess for spiritual guidance the label is gender in nature but the force is absolute.

This labeling goes against standard religion and therefore Wicca must be wrong.

The Wicca religion is steeped in misconceptions and persecutions toward its worshipers. In order to prove Wicca wrong a strong reliance on ignorance is needed.

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