Long Hair Spells

Long hair spells are used to increase the length and thickness of hair. Long hair spells are most successful when used in a combination of a three-pronged attack the best time of month, a physical treatment and casting a long hair spell.

The strongest time of the month to cast a long hair spell is during a new moon up to the full moon. The long hair spell will be more powerful during this time. The new moon is also the best time to cut the hair. If hair is cut during a full moon or waning moon, the hair will become thin, brittle and growth will be slow. If a long hair spell is cast during a waning moon its power will be at the lowest.

To physically prepare the hair for a long hair spell make certain the hair is clean. This is best done with rainwater to remove the chemicals commercial shampoo/conditioners leave on the hair shaft and scalp. Brush hair thoroughly 100 times while looking into a mirror.

Once the hair is cleaned, prepare a salve with the following ingredients, flax seed oil, 1 lemon, 1 fresh brown egg, ginseng (grated finely), oil of maidenhair (herb mixed with chamomile oil) and lavender oil. Mix these ingredients to form a thick paste. Light three pink candles that are placed in a triangular formation. Pink represents all things feminine, long fingernails, red full lips, and long thick hair.

Light three sticks of Venus (made up of rose petals, violets and olive leaves) incense. Sit in the center of the pink candle triangle and call to the spirits for assistance. Clear the mind of any earthly distractions and become receptive to the power offered by the spiritual realm. Once a peace of place is achieved spiritually, begin to lather the hair with the long hair spell mixture starting with the roots and working outward. Visualize hair growing outward from the roots until all of the mixture is placed on the hair. Wrap the hair in a natural fiber cloth, cotton, hemp or silk, and continue to visualize hair growing outward from the roots, gaining in length until it drapes across the floor.

Maintain this visualization until the spirits convey that the long hair spell is finished. It is important to thank them for their help before dismissing them back to the spiritual realm. Let the pink candles and incense burn to completion. Rinse the hair with rainwater, then let the hair air dry in the sun.
If the above ingredients are not available it is possible to cast a long hair spell with the use of a natural, healthy, strand of long hair. To do this, receive permission to use the hair from the individual, place it in a pot of rainwater, place three drops of blood from the ring finger of the right hand.

Bring the mixture to a boil. Repeat the pink candle/incense ritual listed above.

Results of long hair spells will take time, but the rewards of a long hair spell are obvious.

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