Elixirs are a liquid mixture designed for a specific purpose of use. Elixirs may or may not be used for spiritual purposes. Elixirs are stronger than potions. Often the terms are used interchangeably, potions are also liquid but their intended use does not have the degree of severity that an elixir does. Elixirs are used to cast out demons from the home, rid an individual of demonic possession, mental illness, insomnia, bad dreams, or an array of protective uses.

Elixirs are prepared to be taken internally as a pharmaceutical. Special care is needed when preparing an elixir and the novice should consult someone who has experience in homeopathic medicine. While the elixir’s purpose is intended for supernatural focus, they do not want to accidentally poison themselves.

The person taking the elixir may or may not have a spell accompany their use, but before an elixir is ingested, the individual must be spiritually prepared. If a home has negative spirits in it and they have become antagonistic to the dweller, the elixir is taken by the person living there as a means of protection from the negative spirits, while a spell/ritual is enacted to remove the spirits from the home.

The base of an elixir is commonly alcohol, which will kill bacteria that may be present from the herbs, roots, and sometimes ground stone that are used to create it. It is common to use herbs or plants that have a narcotic effect and the mixture with an alcohol base should be considered when creating the elixir. Because of this, elixirs should be taken as directed as with all medications.

Not all elixirs are used solely for spiritual purposes. They can be used to cure common ailments naturally. Babbingtons leek, maidenhair or horse chestnuts are all natural expectorants. Mix in some spearmint and an alcohol base and the resulting elixir is just as effective as any over the counter cough medicine. The key is to make certain the natural remedy has been prepared according to homeopathic standards.

The elixir of life (water of life) is a legendary elixir that heals all and is a fountain of youth in a cup. The elixir once ingested will give the person eternal life and beauty. Precious minerals such as gold and silver were thought to be ingredients of the elixir of life as well as hematite, jade or cinnabar. The search for the elixir of life haunted alchemists as they mixed, tested and researched the right combination of ingredients without success.

An elixir may be prepared to ward off insomnia. The individual would take the elixir before going to bed as they would if they were prescribed a sleeping pill. The same goes for an individual experiencing bad dreams. There reliance on the elixir to prevent their sleep disturbance equals medications prescribed.
Elixirs may be used for spiritual means, physical ailments or both, but the critical factor when taking an elixir is make certain that the person they received the elixir from knows what they are doing.

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