Learn about Yin Yang

Yin yang is a Chinese philosophy. The philosophy is made up of the yin, which represents the black, dark, cold, passive, constricting and weak. The yang represents white, lights, hot, aggressive, expanding and strong. These two forces, yin and yang, make up the universe and are in constant movement. The underlying thought is that life is made up of all of these components and the yin yang attempts to maintain balance.

The heavens were created from yang while the earth was created from yin. Heaven and earth cannot be separated and it is their opposing natures that cause harmony.

While yin yang are two opposing forces they are part of the whole. If the universe had only darkness no plants, animals or humans would be able to survive. The sun (yang) is needed to support life, but if it were sunny all of the time, life would also perish. The balance between the two opposing forces must be met in order for life to continue.

When the yin yang gets out of balance, that causes harm and depending on the level of imbalance depends on the damage. If an individual has too much stress in their lives, ignores the needs of their psychical body, they will become ill and the yin will have more influence. The philosophy of treatment is to restore their yin yang balance.

Chinese physicians believe that the human body is made up of yin yang organs and yin yang systems. The treatment involved is to attend to which organ is out of balance and then restore it back to balance. Acupuncture is used for treatment. Tiny needles placed along specific pathways of the body are said to restore the yin yang of the body to harmony by releasing blocked energy.

Proper diet is important for an individual to keep their yin yang in balance. Certain foods are yin: dairy, fruit, spices and alcohol. Foods that fall into the yang category are: chicken, beef, pork, fish and salts. In order to maintain a balanced yin yang the individual should keep these foods balanced in their diet.

Maintaining a psychically fit body is important to keeping yin yang balanced. Tai chi and Kung Fu keep the body moving with a certain rhythm that promotes release of energy (chi) that balances yin-yang. If an individual becomes too sedentary their yang will have lost its balance and need to be restored.
A proper mental attitude is needed to keep yin yang harmonious. This is achieved through relaxation, spending time in nature, listening to water’s movement or meditation. The mind when it becomes too stressed causes the yang to become out of balance. Visiting calm places, thinking calm thoughts, focusing on breathing, these are all techniques to bring the yin back into balance.

Residing in a balanced environment is important for a balanced yin yang. Arrange the furniture to have a positive energy flow, place the bed in proper placement, and organize the office for optimal yin yang balance.

Yin yang permeates all levels of Chinese life. In order to maintain a harmonious yin yang balance must be achieved and maintained in all of the levels.

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