Do you have a Sixth Sense?

Sixth sense is a sense apart from the first fives senses of smell, taste, touch, sight, sound. The sixth sense gathers information without a connection to any of these other five senses. The sixth sense is also referred to as intuition, extrasensory perception or all of the psychic communications (clairvoyance, premonition, psychometry). The sixth sense is present in most individuals, but some are more attuned than others.

When knowledge is received and the other five senses are ruled out as a means of communicating that knowledge, the sixth sense is credited. For example, a woman is holding a bouquet of flowers. She can feel the petals between her fingers, she smells the odor of the flowers with her olfactory sense, she rustles the leaves of the flowers and can hear the noise made between the leaves and she sees that they are beautiful red roses.

Where the sixth sense plays into the equation is that she may get an impression from the man who delivered them. She may read into his residual energy that remained on the flower box. Or another scenario is that a woman touches the car keys that her husband left on the table. She will get the same physical sensations from the flowers as the first woman, but the flowers are not physically present to touch her five senses. Her husband ordered flowers for her and they have yet to be delivered.

The sixth sense is also credited with premonitions. These are insights of future events that have no bearing to any of the five senses. A mother senses that her child has been injured at the exact moment the child has fallen off their bike into oncoming traffic. The mother may actually see the event occurring as if it were played across a movie screen in front of her. This phenomenon cannot be explained by any of the five senses. The woman somehow gained knowledge that their child was in danger by the use of another sense, labeled the sixth sense.

Developing the sixth sense takes practice, but most individuals can tap into that spiritual force. Think of the spiritual realm as an energy force and the mind as a plug. All that is needed is to plug into the source. Ways to do this are increased concentration and faith. The individual needs to remove all distractions and go to a relaxed setting. Focus on breathing and think of all of the five senses.

Eventually, they will be able to smell, touch, see and hear things that are not there in the physical realm, but are very real in the spiritual realm. A deceased loved one might have used a signature fragrance or smoked a certain type of cigar. The individual may detect the odor of these and actually smell the fragrance. This is not imagined. This is the sixth sense tapping into the spirit world and the deceased is communicating with them. They are letting them know they are present.

Developing the sixth sense is not dangerous or aberrant; it is only a means to gain knowledge from another level of understanding.

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