What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is a Chinese method of promoting overall health between the mind, body and spirit. Qi Gong achieves this by tackling all three components with its program. Physical movements of the body, proper diet, calming the mind with meditation and a concentrated effort that unites them.

The physical programs recommended in Qi Gong are Tai Chi or Kung Fu. Tai Chi is a slow rhythmic moving of the body that uses excellent posture and breathing to lower stress, reduce high blood pressure and create positive energy.

Tai Chi is not as physically demanding as Kung Fu so it is an excellent choice for the elderly or otherwise physically impaired. Kung Fu is a high-energy physical workout, but it also includes much mental discipline. Kung Fu provides the same benefits as Tai Chi, lowers stress, reduces high blood pressure and creates a general overall positive energy through out the body.

The mind exercises used in Qi Gong are meditation. Meditation is used for relaxation and centering the Chi. Chi is energy force that is all consuming. The individual need only tap into its source. Meditation is a way to become receptive to Chi’s forces. Meditation revitalizes the spirit, which then promotes a clearer mind and healthier body. The efforts of Chi and Tai Chi or Kung Fu then combine in the individual for optimal balance.

The third component of Qi Gong is proper diet. This includes not only the food eaten but also the environment in which it is consumed. Meals should be looked at as ceremonial. The conscious effort of chewing and swallowing should be acknowledged. According to the thinking of Qi Gong the typical fast food lunch is harmful to the spirit. Because the spirit is not aligned, the body does not have the proper mechanism to digest and process the fast food lunch.

The result of this type of improper diet is high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity. Qi Gong promotes a healthy diet of fresh foods if possible, but when fresh foods are not available, and the alternative is a fast food lunch the individual should honor the process of proper Qi Gong eating. Eat in a relaxed setting, clam the mind, and let the spirit become settled before eating. The body will then be able to properly process the meal.

Qi Gong may be practiced in degrees. The simple morning ritual of stretching, breathing and welcoming the day is an example of Qi Gong. The energetic youth who meditates hours a day, rigorously studies the art of Kung Fu and eats only live foods is also a practitioner of Qi Gong. The degree of practice is an individual one. Qi Gong does not require a membership to a gym or special clothing. It does not expect the individual to overtax their mental capacity by adhering to a strict program beyond their physical capabilities.

What Qi Gong does do is allow for the individual to unite their body, spirit and mind at their own level and their own pace.

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