Celestine Prophecy

Celestine Prophesy is a list of nine stages from the book of the same name written by James Redfield. Celestine Prophesy is credited with redefining the new age spirituality. From his nine stages (insights) of personal spiritual growth spiritual evolution is illustrated in the form of a new consciousness.

In the first stage of the Celestine Prophecy an individual must become aware of synchronicity. This is the realization that events occur in a preordained way. These preordained coincidences change the course of our lives and are significant. Redfield would say that the person who missed their plane flight then the plane crashed was not an example of a coincidence.

In the second insight it covers the concept of historical thought. Mankind is limited by the knowledge taught within their culture. Cultural view of religion has continued to change, grow. The ancient civilizations that viewed human sacrifices are considered barbaric by today’s standards.

Acknowledging the evolution of history and how it pertains to the evolution of consciousness sets the seeker to arrive at the next level.

In the third insight, letting go of historical limitations then allows humans awareness of spiritual energy. This is the energy that surrounds and permeates through all living things. The awareness of the energy field opens the individual to consider the next insight.

Insight four is an understanding that we are actually one energy and it may be transferred from one human being to another. Some people are energy zappers while others are energy providers. Understanding the free flow of this universal energy is accomplished in insight four.

Insight five allows for the individual to no longer transfer energy between/from other individuals, but instead gather energy from the universe as a whole. When an individual chooses to engage in energy transfer from another individual, drama/control styles of transfer become counter productive.

Insight six allows for the understanding of the family drama dynamic and then letting it go. This will let the individual pave the way to understanding their life mission. Once understanding is achieved, this allows for the children to acquire understanding of their life mission resulting in the evolution of mankind.

Insight seven allows the individual to now recognize significant objects, dreams, and situations. By tapping into the energy source of the universe, the universe will communicate with the individual. The key to success in the seventh insight is to be aware of the messages being sent.

Insight eight shows that all messages come from other people. This seems to contradict the advice given in insight four, but the energy flow of messages received from other people does not follow the drama/control style. Instead, the receiver of the message from other people is provided without interpersonal transfer of energy, instead it flows from the universe through the individual.

In insight nine, the final stage, it is the responsibility of all humans to increase their energy understanding or vibration. As a collective group and an individual the evolution of mankind will only occur when all of mankind tunes into the upper energy cycle. The energy received will make mankind physically lighter, which will result in a lightness of spirituality leading toward the divine.

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