The aura is an energy field that surrounds all living things. Scientific evidence has proven that an electromagnetic field surrounds human beings and they have labeled it the aura. Where science and spiritually differ is that science denies that auras can be seen with the color spectrum by the human eye. Human auras have a colorful array and each color has a significant meaning to the physical and mental health of the individual.

An aura is compromised of spiritual energy that is part of an individual’s spiritual barometer. The aura permeates through the individual and is constantly vibrating.

The aura is visible to those who choose to focus on its presence. Spiritual healers are adept at viewing auras, but the laymen with a little practice will be able to see the aura. To view the aura an individual must see with their mind as well as their eyes. Training takes practice and for the novice, the proper environment. Once adept as seeing Aura’s no special lighting is needed.

The aura will appear as a blurry light that surrounds the person’s body. It looks as if it is radiating outward. After studying a person’s aura for several minutes, colors will appear, swirl and converge. The main point to remember when viewing an aura is that it is continuously moving.

Kirlian photography is a scienteic attempt to capture the aura of plants. The technique uses high doses of electricity bombarded on a leaf that is set on a glass slide. The leaves aura is captured on film.

Another example of the aura’s presence is when an individual suffers amputation. The person can still feel the pain, tingling, heat and the physical presence of the missing limb, even though it no longer exits in the physical realm. The aura still exits and continues to govern a part of the physical body that is no longer there.

The colors and predominance of color have specific meanings for the aura. It should be noted that no individual has one solid color, but a swirling of colors that ebb and flow. Red represents passionate energy and depending on the shading from pale red to deep burgundy, the degree of color relates to the degree of anger, passion, or energy. A predominately green aura reveals an individual that is a healer and once again, the degree of green is significant ranging from pale spring green to deep forest green. Where a light green aura will represent a person that is centered and humanitarian a deep green aura will denote a person that is a spiritual healer.

The range of yellows found in an individual reveal that they are intellectual and use their focus to analyze. These individuals believe if they cannot see, touch, feel or hear it, it does not exist. Grayish and dark spots on the aura reveal that the individual has a physical illness. Depending on where the dark spots are will mark what the physical illness is.

The presence of the aura in human beings is recognized by science and metaphysics. While both agree the aura exists, its interpretation is dependent solely on perspective.

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