Astral Projection

Astral projection is when the spirit of a person leaves the physical body by choice. The theory behind astral projection is that human beings constitute a physical body and a spiritual one; two separate domains residing in one body.

Astral projection, dreaming and the near death experience are all referred to as out of body experiences. The differences are that astral projection is the voluntary withdrawing of the spirit from the physical plane while the near death experience and dreaming are involuntary.

The purpose of astral projection is for the individual’s spirit to unite with its astral body. The example of a person hovering over their body and looking down from the ceiling of their room is not an example of astral projection, even though they are experiencing an out of body experience. Astral projection’s scope is to soar into the limitless boundaries of the astral plane. Individuals have their own agenda on why they project. Some will want enlightenment, universal knowledge, or a type of spiritual social interaction. The astral plane is filled with other spirits along their journeys.

To accomplish astral projection an individual is required to eliminate the influences that bombard them on the physical plane. The television, pervasive traffic noises or any of the other earth noises that keep the spirit anchored to the physical plane need to be removed. The body must be completely relaxed and the mind uncluttered. The resolve to keep the spirit united with the physical body must be overcome. Releasing the bond that keeps the spirit with physical body takes practice and faith. Deep breathing, a meditative state and complete spiritual surrender to the call of the universe will allow an individual to initiate astral projection.

As the spirit begins to leave the body a silver spiritual umbilical cord connects the astral projector with their physical body as a vehicle for a safe return to the physical plane. The silver cord does not follow physical laws and it is metaphorical in its nature. During astral projection, some individuals see their cord attached to the planet earth, some see their cord anchoring them to their home, and some see the cord as an ethereal placement attaching them to the sky. The placement of the cord is unique to the individual, but its function is not.

When the spirit arrives in the astral plane the experiences are personal and sacred. What one astral traveler experiences will not be the same as anothers. But, the common theme of an astral projection is that the spirit is in control of the journey. For an earthbound being to finally free their spirit, these experiences are life altering.Colors not imagined on earth, bright white beams of light with no source, cities of majesty that appear to be floating in space, or a warm feeling of well being are a few experiences from an astral trip.

Returning to the physical body is done by willing the spirit back. The individual need only visualize their return and they are once again united with their physical body. The physical and spiritual bodies will then coexist indefinitely until the next astral projection.

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