How to Open the Third Eye

To open the third eye deep meditation is needed. The third eye is the spiritual eye and is metaphorical although the symbolic placement of the third eye is between the eyebrows, centered on the forehead. The third eye is the window traveled when arriving at a spiritual realm.

To open the third eye earthly distractions must be removed, and an individual should wear comfortable loose fitting clothing, sit in a relaxing pose. During waking hours an individuals brains emits certain wavelengths that tie that individual to the physical plane. These beta brain waves are counter productive to the third eye, which operates with alpha waves. Before opening the third eye the proper brain wave needs to be tapped into. Deep breathing, focusing on each breath causes the mind to slow down and shut out the physical world. The physical relaxation of the body is then transferred to the brain.

Opening the third eye for beginners should focus on first seeing colors and then shapes. When the body transfers from beta to alpha waves colors flash across the minds eyes. This is common when falling asleep, as that is also the point when the brain waves change. Concentrating on remembering these colors further the discipline needed to open the third eye.

After colors flash, certain shapes will emerge. These shapes are symbolic messages from the spiritual realm. Their meanings will be revealed later as the individual goes into deeper mediation. The importance is to store these images into memory.

In order for spiritual communication to occur the third eye must be opened and different followers of the esoteric use the third eye for their divination.
To receive a clairvoyant vision, open the third eye to the point of receiving the symbols, focus on a blank screen, soon a series of images will appear on the screen. Past and present are one in the spiritual realm, so the images may occur with time overlapped. View the clairvoyant message received without trying to make sense of it.

It is possible to open the third eye to receive universal or personal messages as they pertain to spirituality. Open the third eye and ask what is the purpose of my spiritual journey in this lifetime? What universal factors must I recognize in order to conquer my spiritual journey? Images will flash and the message received will be the answer to the questions posed.

Opening the third eye can also be used to discover the spirit guide. Open the third eye and ask that the spirit guide make himself or herself known. The image may be flashes of light or an actual image of an entity. Ask what they wish to be called and listen to the answer that will flash across the mind. It is possible to receive more than one spirit guide. The spiritual realm knows if and how many guides an individual needs. Contacting these guides for future reference is also accomplished by opening the third eye.

Opening the third eye is the souls way of viewing the spirit world for guidance.

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