Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul.

Body, mind, spirit, soul are the four components when brought into proper symbiosis lead to complete enlightenment. Body, mind, spirit and soul are interdependent. When one of these is out of balance or not equal in placement, it will counterbalance the overall strength of the other three. The goal is to have these four components in complete balance. Enlightenment occurs when the body is free from pain, the mind is in agreement with the soul and the spirit has been allowed to harbor its influence on the mind and soul.

The body is the physical space an individual inhabits. In order for the body to be ready to receive complete enlightenment, the body must be pure and healthy. Toxins, environmental pollution, unhealthy habits all bombard the body. Disease and physical impairments add to the body’s ability to physically participate in the body, mind, spirit, and soul connection. To prepare the body for complete enlightenment the individual must consume pure foods, eliminate toxins from their body, and become physically strong.

The mind is the conscious efforts or will of the individual. The mind is the driver as it pertains to what the individual will do. The mind will receive the messages from the spirit. In order for a complete body, mind, spirit, soul connection to occur the mind must be free from distractions. Earthly commotion must be removed from the conscious mind. Everyday stresses, electrical diversions-television, radio, cell phones, all of these clutter the mind. The mindset is also important, the mind must be receptive to messages from the spirit and it must understand the journey the soul must travel. An unreceptive mind will block the goals of the spirit and soul.

The soul is the life lesson an individual must learn during his lifetime in order for the soul to travel to a higher level in the next earth experience. The soul is traveling on a journey, and the individual must tap into the course of the soul in order to allow the soul to travel its intended path. All individuals have a specific soul entity. For a complete body, mind, spirit, soul connection to occur, the individual must understand and then follow the spiritual path the soul must follow.

The spirit is the limitless energy source we all can tap into. It is the pure light without beginning or end. Spirit has been called the Godforce, the energy force, and other realm. Spirit is knowledge, lesson and force all in one. Each individual may tap into the spirit’s light, but each individual may not tap into another’s soul. The soul and the spirit are both ethereal, but their classification is completely different. While the soul is a spiritual part of an individual, it is specific to the individual. The spirit is not compartmentalized into an individual lesson, but instead, it is the source of power the body, mind and soul absorb from to become enlightened.

The body, mind, spirit and soul enable the individual to reach enlightenment, when this occurs, if even for a split moment the experience is addictive.

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