Do People Dream In Color

Do people dream in color? The answer is yes and no. From sleep studies it is determined that people do dream in color. When a person dreams, upon waking the dream is usually forgotten within moments. In the rare event that a person remembers their dream, it is usually the actions of the dream remembered such as falling, flying, or conflict of some kind. When a dreamer is ask about the colors in their dream they can recall that color was present, but it was not the significant memory of the dream. The reasons for this are debatable. Some believe that because we see color in our everyday lives we assume its presence in our dreams and it is not significant to our memory. Color is present in our dreams, but the messages we receive from the dream are not focused on what the color means.

The importance of color in our dream is when we remember its presence. The color itself has a message. Different colors have different meanings. The presence of blue in a dream signifies a message from a spirit guide. The blue dream will impart spiritual wisdom on the dreamer. If the color brown is significant the dream signifies earthly efforts. As opposed to a blue dream, a brown dream will give the dreamer advise on how to handle their affairs on the earthly plane. The context of the dream also has an affect on the interpretation of color. If the subject matter of the dream is sad or negative and the color blue is present, then the color blue represents a saddened mood by the dreamer. The color in all three examples is significant, but the context of the dream needs consideration also. Highly spiritual individuals have revealed that not only do they dream in color, but also during dreams colors that they see are not defined in the natural world. The nearest they could describe them are silvery and white, yet they are not silver and not white. The presence of color in their dreams is interpreted that they have retrieved these otherworldly colors outside their daily physical experiences.

Another theory is that left/right brain dominance will have an impact on whether we dream in color. Right brain people are more prone to dream in color. A right brain person is artistic and intuitive. These people work more with color in their waking life. Painters, decorators, or actors are more aware of color versus left-brain thinkers.Left-brain people are rational and consider the sequence of events. Accountants, engineers, or lecturers focus more on process and planning. Color is not a significant part of their waking life.

If an individual continues to dream in black and white an underlying mental illness may be the reason.Depressed patients are far more likely to dream in black and white as well as patients that are sad. A black and white world, pertaining to the patient, is the significant factor in their dream, so in this instance it is the lack of color in the dream that creates the importance.

People do dream in color and if color is remembered upon wakening the significance of their dream lies in the presence of that color.

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