Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is when a physical ailment is cured from a spiritual force. There are various forms; Reiki, Buddhist monk, remote, Chakra, and self initiated. The key to all-spiritual healing is the understanding that it is the unbalance of the spirit that causes the ailment. Once the origin of the negative spirit energy is discovered, physical healing will occur. A healthy spirit will lead to a healthy physical body.

Reiki is a form that involves the laying of hands from a healer. This Reiki healer passes along their healing from the spirit energy into the physical body of the individual. If a person’s spirit is off balance this causes physical ailments and stresses. Reiki aligns the spirit with the physical body and the individual will then heal.

The Buddhist monks have a definitive spiritual healing program that includes meditation, mantra, prayer wheel, herbal medicine and incense. The Buddhist monk will prepare their mind by meditating with their mantra. Use herbal medicines and incense to further their focus on the needs of the spirit. They also believe in the power of universal prayer. The concept that when more than one physical body unifies their thoughts the result is a greater power.

Remote healing is when a healer sends their powers across great distances. The healer focuses on the individual that is to be healed and they send thoughts of wellness to the individual. Remote healing does not require more energy than direct healing. The distance between the individual and the healer has no bearing in the spirit world. The power of the spiritual healer is the same whether the individual is in the same room with them or across the globe.

Accessing energy points on the body that are located along the spinal column is called Chakra healing. Each Chakra represents a unique area where the physical and spirit body unite on an individual. When the spirit is weak the body will reflect it through a physical ailment. The individual will use special crystals and relaxation techniques along the weakened Charka. This is done to refocus the spiritual energy that surrounds the individual back to a centered state.

Self-initiated healing is the belief that all livings beings can heal themselves. This concept is the root of all-spiritual healing. If an individual requests a Reiki session, a Buddhist monk or a remote healing a certain degree of faith is needed from the individual. They must believe that the healer has the power to heal them. With the absence of the healer, the individual harnesses the power of the spirit, which allows them to heal themselves.

Spiritual healing has been credited with healing cancerous tumors, terminal illnesses, and other serious physical ailments. It has cured the blind and physically paralyzed. The unexplained cure of these ailments are filed as outside the realm of scientific means, but the common denominator of it all is that it is the spirit’s communication with the physical body that alerts the individual that healing is needed.

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