Reiki is the Japanese practice of spiritual healing. Reiki focuses on the holistic approach of the mind body connection by allowing the Godforce or lifeforce to purify the spirit with a high energy field. If an individual’s Reiki is low their life force is blocked similar to a long line of traffic in a traffic jam. This blocking of the life force causes an individual to become low energy Reiki. The low energy Reiki is responsible for illness on the physical plane.

When the life force becomes unblocked and the positive life force flows through the body, the result is a high energy Reiki. The individual will experience the feelings of happiness, lightness, connectedness and centeredness with the universe. Once the individual has reached this plane of spiritual peace they will begin to heal on the physical plane. The high energy Reiki lifeforce will flow through every cell in the individual’s body and energize those areas of weakness.

In order to unblock the lifeforce an individual undergoes a Reiki treatment.

To practice the administration of Reiki an individual must surrender to the forces of the lifeforce and become attuned. A Reiki master grants this attunement by placing his hands on the individual’s forehead, shoulders and hands. The Reiki master transfers his channeling of the lifeforce into the student by breathing in a spiritual rhythm.

In turn, the student will be able to attune this transference of energy into the patient. The healer will lay hands on an individual until lifeforce has been transferred. Reiki time is not akin to time as physical laws define. Time of transference is dependant on the need of the patient in that area of their body. The healer senses this with their hands and will not move until the lifeforce is transferred in that area.

This transference of lifeforce invigorates the healer and the healed; their experience is greater than an individual experience. This sharing of the lifeforce elevates the sense of empowerment, strength, clear thinking and general well-being.

Reiki is not a religion yet it is spiritual in nature. The lifeforce is neither positive nor negative. The energy force is a constant and is free to anyone willing to tap into it. The lifeforce is like a spiritual bank where individuals have an unlimited balance.

Reiki is steeped in eastern thought promoting the theory that we are all connected on every level both spiritually and physically. If an individual becomes energized from an empowered Reiki treatment and their lifeforce is high it not only benefits the patients, but all of mankind as well.

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