Monastic Seven-Degree Reiki

Monastic seven-degree Reiki is broken into two divisions, one through three and four through seven. Before the first three degrees may be attempted, the student must gain their spiritual power by attunement. Once the healing power is transferred from the master to the student, they may begin their journey to Monastic seven degree Reiki.

Degrees one through three focus on the teacher student interactions. The first three degrees empower the student to learn healing-physical and distant and then to pass the healing onto other.
Degrees four through seven are individual advancements and do not concern the student teacher relationship.

The first three degrees of Reiki focus on the individual learns how to heal others and themselves. By also learning how to heal themselves allows the individual to remove any negativity energy leftover from healing others. The student receives Reiki 1 in this degree.

The second-degree Reiki the student may cast healing from a distance. No longer bound to healing by placing their hands on a patient, they visualize and concentrate on the healing the individual. The second degree transcends physical to the metaphysical. Reiki symbols are introduced in this stage and later used in stages four through seven. The Reiki symbols are sacred. Their purpose is to protection, healing and passing along from Teacher to student and Master-to-Master. The student receives Reiki 2 attunements in this degree.

The third degree Reiki the student is able to pass the healing ability onto others. This involves the physical hands on healing treatment and the distant forms of healing. Deep meditation, yoga, and proper breathing are mastered in the third degree Reiki. The student receives Reiki 3 attunements in this degree.

The fourth through seventh degree allow the student to strive toward the highest level of spiritual enlightenment. The student determines which level of Reiki they reside. Reiki symbols are used for individual spiritual attainment. The ranking system of Reiki one through seven is arrived at by the knowledge of the student.

Once a degree is achieved the student gauges the spirituality of that level and continues on to the next level. The ranking through these stages is specific to the individual. Physical benchmarks of the last four levels of Monastic Reiki are to lower the breathing rate, emit theta brainwaves and be more receptive to the divine. These physical conditions allow the body to receive the boarders of the spirit to the fullest degree. Practice is essential. Some students never master the seventh level while some practice for a lifetime, mastering the seventh degree later in life. The wisdom and tolerance received from practicing the seven-degree Reiki is present if all four stages, but the intensity progresses with each degree achieved.

Master teachers of Reiki have achieved at least 4th degree Reiki. In order for the master to pass along the healing powers of attunement to the student, they have had to arrive at least the beginning stages of spiritual enlightenment, which is the natural order of balance for all living things including plants.

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