Crystals and Spirituality

Crystals are used as a tool in spirituality. Physically the molecules of a crystal are aligned in that they form straight chemical bonds that are uniform through out. This uniformity enables the crystal to emit a clear focused energy by they way they vibrate. All matter has energy and vibration, but it is the molecular structure of the crystal that allows for an undiluted focus of energy.

The spirit world is comprised of a nonspecific, boundless energy field or force.Crystals are used in spirituality to focus energy for a specific means, such as healing, meditation, or general well being.

Physical healing occurs by realigning the spirit. Stresses of daily living, bombardment of the body by bacteria and virus, and environmental poison all affect the body’s spirit. Crystals are the catalyst to spiritual healing.Crystals are used in Chakra therapy. The most common being amethyst, carnelian, indigo, rose quartz, citrine, black onyx, and clear quartz. Crystal therapy for one example of Chakra therapy is very specific. One crystal placed on Chakra for a single effect. The healer places the crystal on the Chakra that is misaligned. Some or all of the Chakra can be included in the healing treatment depending on the need of the individual’s aura, but they are attended to singly.

A less formal crystal healing technique is when an individual initiates self-treatment. This is referred to as gem therapy and it is another form of crystal healing. Hundreds of gemstones are available for this type of use. The key to locating the correct crystal for spiritual healing is to let the spirit decide. The individual needs to clear their mind and literally wander around the crystal shop until one of them calls out. Whatever spiritual energy the body is lacking will be attuned to the correct energy of the crystal the individual is attracted to. The spirit knows what it needs to be healed; the individual need only listen to what their spirit tells them.

Another less invasive crystal treatment is the worry crystal. An individual carries the gem of their choice with them and worries (rubs it between their finger for self calming) it until their stress has passed.

Crystals are also used to help an individual while meditating. The crystal helps calm the energies of the room by virtue of their vibrations. Any cosmic static that is present will be neutralized by the added presence of the crystal. Once the room is cleared, the individual can then focus on the clean lines and undiluted force of the crystal. This physical focus on the crystal allows the individual to focus their breathing which allows them to enter the meditative state.

The physical body can also reject a crystal. This is the spirits way of communicating that the crystal is counterproductive to the healing process. If a crystal is placed on an individual and the feeling is uncomfortable, irritating or just doesn’t feel right, that is your spirits way of communicating that crystal is having a negative pull on the sprite. All the individual need do it remove the crystal.

Crystals are a spiritual tool; there use is only as effective as the individual’s knowledge of understanding how to use that tool.

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