A Chakra is one of seven spiritual gateways of the human body. This major Chakra originates on the lower back, travels along the spine and arrives at the head. The Chakra has been described as a tornado of cosmic energy that emanates outward from the body. The Chakra spins, will reverse spin, and pull spiritual matter inward toward the center of the body. In order for the spiritual body to be healthy, the Chakra needs to be spinning in synchronization. When the Chakra is spinning counterproductive, stops spinning or shrinks this indicates an unhealthy aura. The Chakra itself is not involved with the health of the aura; it is the opening available for the treatment of the aura. There are thousands of minor Chakra called meridian, tertiary or minor Chakra. These minor Chakra have a different vocation than the seven-major Chakra. The minor Chakra travel through out the body. The minor Chakra pinpoints their energy for a specific reason. The Reiki healer uses the tertiary chakra in their palms as a mechanism in their healing into the major Chakra of the patient. The meridian feet Chakra are the barometer of an individual’s relationship with the earth. When this meridian is out of balance an individual becomes disjointed and detached from the world that surrounds them. Treatment of the feet minor Chakra will realign the individual to once again feel grounded.

Chakra therapy involves healing the aura with the use of gemstones or crystals. The healer will place a specific gemstone along the Chakra. These placements can be singly applied or applied on the entire Chakra. The type of gemstone or crystal is specific to the needs of the aura.

The seven major Chakra are visible to the trained eye. Their colors range from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple with red originating in the lower spine and purple ending near the top of the head. Each color has a specific purpose and is targeted to influence a specific deficiency of the aura, which has a direct affect on the physical body.

Imagine the body’s energy field as a dynamic flowing of spiritual energy that has an outlet. These outlets are the seven-major Chakra. Root or base, sacral, solar plexus or lumbar, heart, throat, brow, and crown are the seven-major Chakra. This Chakra can then be divided between upper and lower major regions. The heart Chakra is the dividing line between upper and lower Chakra. The lower Chakra rules the baser parts of the body; physical urges, motivations, and earthly desires. The upper region rules the higher spiritual plane. Benevolence, sacrifice, advanced spiritual understanding are ruled by the upper region. The heart is ruled by the upper regions and lower region. The heart Chakra is the life force of the physical body and metaphorically it is the life force of the spiritual body. This duality in nature allows the heart Chakra to become the connecting point between the two regions. The upper region Chakra and the lower region Chakra are equally important.

When one Chakra is misaligned it weakens the entire spiritual body. For the body to be spiritually healthy, which results in physical well-being, all seven major Chakra need to have composed spinning, synchronicity and balance.


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