Instructions for a seance

A seance is easy to execute. Seances should not be considered as a party game for entertainment purposes. Seances are the serious attempt to contact a departed soul to offer solace and hope to the fractured soul still residing in the physical plane.

Initially, the host of the seance should prepare themselves with purification of thought; release of ego and a surrender of will to assure their spirit is focused for the strongest seance possible.

Secondly, you must prepare the room. Remove clutter and distractions that would interfere with the calm atmosphere a seance requires such as radio, television, computer, photographs, and mirrors. If possible have as much of the color white in the room. Place three white candles through out the room to form a triangle with the seance table centered between them.

The table should be round with a plain black cloth covering. A black covering is used instead of white because the color black is spiritually grounding. Assemble the exact amount of chairs as the number of participants. In the center of the table place a sacred object such as a rosary, crucifix, medicine bag, statue, or totem. The sacred object must be one that is spiritually involved with the beliefs of the participants.

Thirdly, assemble the participants. Do not seat family members next to one another for the seance. Family ties offer distractions. A mother might tense up if child were sitting next to her; their focus would be on their mother and no longer on the seance.

Next, have each member at the table, place their hands palm side down, their bodies should not be touching the table; the only body part touching the table should be the palm of the hands. Splay the fingers then slide the palm of the hand toward the palm of their neighbor’s until the tips of the pinky fingers lightly touch.

Part five in a seance is the invocation. The host should instruct the participants to keep their minds open and disregard negative approaches from spirits. If a negative spirit enters the seance the participant need only will it away. Each participant should listen closely to the words of the host and let their thoughts mirror those of the host. For example, the host repeats the name of the husband who has crossed over; the participant would repeat that name in their thoughts.

The sixth instruction for a seance is to communicate with the spirit. The host does this by asking questions and listening. Sometimes the spirit communicates directly with the host and sometimes the spirit speaks through one of the participants.

Lastly, is to close the spiritual door. Thank the spirits for attending, instruct them to return to the spiritual realm, and ask the participants to visualize the instructions given the spirits.

If these instructions for a seance are followed all in attendance will gain a successful, meaningful, spiritual lesson.

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