What’s the true story behind exorcism?

What’s the true story behind exorcism? Exorcism has a deep connection with the Catholic Church and it is not the imaginings portrayed in the movies. An exorcism is a serious right performed by an ambassador of the catholic (or a sect of) religion. An exorcism is that act of removing a demonic spirit from a possessed soul.

The true story behind exorcism lies in why an exorcist is performed. Before an exorcism can occur a person must be possessed by the devil. This occurs in the form of a possession by a demonic spirit.

There are several ways a person may become possessed by the devil. Divine permission is when God gives permission for the demon to harass the individual. This may or may not lead to full possession. The example learned in this instance is a reliance on the faith that God is all knowing and the state of grace prescribed to the individual.

Another source of possession is that a curse is placed on the individual. The castor gives the demon permission to invade the soul of the individual.

The individual surrenders to sin are another way toward demonic possession. In this instance the individual opens himself or herself spiritually for invasion from a demonic spirit.

Demonic possession can occur when an individual is in close proximity with another evil person. By virtue of physical proximity, the individual may become possessed.

Symptoms of possession are supernatural knowledge. The possessed can speak foreign languages without formal education, they have specific knowledge of events several hundred miles or continents away, abnormal physical strength and a viscous hate of all things sacred. Several degrees of possession occur with the severest being total demonic possession; the individual no longer has a will of their own.

Once demonic possession has occurred and exorcism must take place. The ritual of exorcism is performed by a priest schooled in its art and the priest must have permission to perform the exorcist from the diocese in which he practices.

The first act considered is the piety of the priest. He must have cleansed himself spiritually with fasting and prayer revoking all material possession, acknowledge that the power to exorcize comes from God and that he is only a vessel fulfilling God’s will.

The second act is to order the demon out of the body. The priest will know that the demon will distort reality and the truth, he will answer in cryptic messages. The priest knows that the answers he obtains are used only to weaken the will of the demon.

The three most powerful tools of exorcism are the crucifix, holy oils and incense.

Other physical objects of exorcism used for support are a blessed cloth from St. Paul, a rosary, a St. Benedict medal, the scapular of Our Lady of St. Carmel, or the medal of Immaculate Conception.

Once the exorcism has begun the struggle between good and evil will prevail until the priest orders the demon out. The ritual of exorcism is performed until this event occurs.

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